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Welcome to UberLinux. My name is Chris and I began the UberLinux Project in 2003 as a resource for anyone interested in the Linux operating system and its practical applications in the real world. Focused on the amateur to intermediate user, the site contains IT stories, journals, and proven step by step methods for administering and configuring UNIX based systems for both Linux and Sun Solaris (my favorites :-).This is a low level system currently operating under Linux-Mandrake 7.0 (Air). The server runs the Apache v1.3.9 web server, telnet services, ssh2 v3.2.9.1 secure shell, wu-ftp v2.6.0, IMAP4rev1 v12.264, Qpopper v4.0.5, and Postfix v19991231.

This site was created to mimic the Linux command line interface under the Bourne Again shell or /bash. The top and bottom of each page contains commands or code. Here is the breakdown if you do not know them already:

home - C programming language
procedures - Linux login screen
stories - UNIX shell commands referencing the postfix email program
archive - BASIC programming language
archive links - HTML
portfolio - Visual Basic script which captures a visitors IP address and hostname
links - UNIX shell script which returns a unique user login status
about - Java programming language


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