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10 ? "Please enter a value: "
20 input A;


# 06/02/04

>Change is in the air! I hope to be making an important announcement soon concerning the future of the uberlinux site. Currently there is a problem with email as it is being hosted outside of my control and I understand that many messages have been returned to sender. I am currently attempting to work a deal for co-locating the uberlinux server and hope to have something worked out in the next month or so. When completed, all services will be returned to their original working state.


# 03/23/04

>I have obtained a position as a Part-Time Technical Support Representative with a company named Unique Solutions www.unisolinc.com. We support the company's software product which runs on Windows CE devices. I am currently working to obtain a Full-Time position and hope to acquire one soon.

I am still searching for somewhere to put the Uberlinux server. I plan on working more on this site when I am able to find a solution.


# 02/06/04

>I had to remove the Linux box that this site was originally on from the network. I have missed all emails during the downtime on Wednesday and Thursday of this week . I am in the process of looking for another company to co-locate the server. This website is now being hosted on a Cobalt Linux box and due to this, some things within the site may not function properly. I hope to have the original system back up and running in a timely manner.

30 ? "The value you have entered is: "
40 ? A
50 end

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