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10 ? "Please enter a value: "
20 input A;


# 12/05/2005

>I had to pull the server down because I had to move out of my apartment temporarily for Hurricane repairs. I got a FEMA trailer and brought part of my network but have no phone service or Internet access - ack! They say only a few days but realistically I don't expect to be home and have the site back up until sometime close to Christmas... hopefully.


# 11/26/2005

>The Linux Mandrake 7.0 Server has been repaired and is back online serving this site once more! Uptime for the next couple of weeks will be sporadic at best as I am in the process of updating the content and reeling from damage caused by Hurricane Rita. Will keep everyone informed as best I can.


# 11/15/2005

>The site has been updated and should be nearly fully functional. I am in the process of downloading and installing Sun Solaris 10. I will be setting up the server asap. More news later.


# 11/10/2005

>The Uberlinux site is now back online! None of the site links will work properly until I have a chance to finish setting everything up. I am currently serving this site from my home network using DynDNS on a Windows XP box bleh! I am working on getting my Solaris and Linux boxes back up but no ETA on that yet. Had some problems with the servers and need to get them fixed. I am using a free service for now so I apologize for the ads which creep up the screen. Just hit the refresh button to reset them and I will fix that when possible.


30 ? "The value you have entered is: "
40 ? A
50 end

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